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Advice from Monte Durham!

At the Alexandria Wedding Showcase this year in beautiful Old Town Alexandria, couples panning their weddings had the opportunity to hear from style maven and fashion director of Say Yes to the Dress, Monte Durham! If you missed it here are some of my takeaways from his professional insights!

Dress Color: Ivory has been on the scene and is here to stay as far as trends go from wedding dress boutiques and the industry at large.

Get Creative: We’ve all heard the tradition for a bride to wear "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe." Monte encouraged brides at the show to get creative with how they incorporate this into their wedding day attire. Maybe your something old is a family veil or piece of jewelry, wear blue shoes, or borrow a necklace from your sister. Incorporating items from people that you love will enhance the unique ness of your special day.

Hair: Of course, as owner of Salon Monte in Alexandria Virginia Monte had some great advice for hair! When selecting your hair style, make sure you consider the style of dress you have chosen, if you have a dramatic back on your dress and wear your hair down, it's going to take away form the look of the dress. When curling your hair and leaving it down, make sure you give extra attention to the bottoms of the curls so they don't fall before you get to the ceremony or reception!

Change it up: My favorite advice Monte gave was to change up your look from ceremony to reception - you don’t even need to change your entire outfit! Monte recommends changing three things before the reception to give you a completely new look as you present yourself for the first time as a wife!

  1. Change your earrings to a statement chandelier style, obviously, the more bling the better!

  2. Switch up your lip color from the natural you’re likely considering for the ceremony and put on a fun evening color, think your reds, bright pinks, etc.!

  3. Get a chunky eyeshadow pencil and change up your shadow for a fun dramatic smoky eye.

These three tips, plus your bustle, will have major impacts in your photos from your reception as you celebrate your wedding with those you love the most.

The Alexandria Wedding Showcase was such a fun event and I enjoyed meeting so many couples and other vendors! I hope this gave you some ideas for your own wedding day.

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