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10 Location ideas for Business Branding Photography

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Are you interested in a Branding Photo Session for your business but not sure where the session would take place? Here’s a list of 10 locations to consider for your next brand shoot!

Typically, we think of Airbnb when we are going to be traveling but why not for a Brand Session too? When looking for a place on Airbnb just make sure there’s several areas in the home that reflect your brand to maximize options for your branding session.

2. Client’s House

Do you provide a service that requires going into people’s homes (think interior/exterior design, home cleaning or repair services)? Why not ask one of your past clients if you could use their space, you might even be willing to barter with them on services! Again, just make sure the client’s space matches your brand vibe and of course, leave it better then you found it!

3. Friend’s House

Do you have a friend with an amazing home that would be perfect for your branding session? Why not ask them if you can borrow it for a day?!? Our friends generally want to see us, and our business succeed and what does it hurt to ask?? Throw in dinner or drinks on you for good measure!

For my half day sessions, I love Home Studio List, they provide styled homes available to rent for photo shoots, film productions, and content creation. They have flexible by the hour pricing, in beautiful homes across the US! This platform was founded by a photographer, and you can see the attention to natural light in their listings – perfect for your branding session!

5. Hotel

Hotels offer a variety of spaces that can be used from the lobby, outdoor areas, hotel suites and more that don’t have to “look like” a hotel if that’s not relevant to your brand. Check out hotels in your city (or again, make an event out of it and stay an extra day to explore a new area!) to see what’s available and reflects your brand!

hotel suites

6. Outdoor Space

Do you do your job outside? If so, it makes total sense to have your branding session outdoors too! Maybe your business designs living green walls for their clients, or you are a professional sailing coach – let that reflect in your branding session by being in your environment!

With a wide variety of offerings globally, Peer Space is another great option for your session, they rent by the hour and there’s so much variety, you’re sure to find a space that fits your brand!

Sonder offers modern designed spaces in a variety of cities around the world. You’ll want to extend your stay for your brand session to treat yourself to their accommodations and twist on new age hospitality!


I love VRBO for larger teams branding sessions. VRBO typically has larger spaces available to rent, you could even think about combining your branding session with a team bonding experience or team retreat!

10. Your home/Office

Sometimes you already have the perfect space in your home or office that reflects your brand, why not put it to use and have your branding session there!?


Again, when considering what’s going to work for your branding session you want to maximize the time you have and the backdrops that will be a part of your photo collection from the session. The goal is always going to be to get as much content as possible for you to promote yourself and your business. Location plays a huge part in the formula for having a successful branding session and while this list is of course not exhaustive, I hope it gets you thinking of the possibilities!

Interested in making the investment in yourself and your business? Book a discovery call today to learn more about our process for business branding sessions!

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